About us

Ananta Stagecraft Is one of Gujarat’s leading suppliers of  Stage Lights, Visual, Structures & technical staging services to a range of markets, from Corporate Events, Right through to Specialist Events.

Ananta Stagecraft, quickly grew within a few months to become one of Gujarat’s largest & most renowned Stage & Concert Lighting providers. We don’t just rent you lighting fixtures. We provide you with a complete system solution, along with the well trained & experienced engineers to setup and operate equipments. Wich of international standards. There is no compromise on quality, so right from the start , from where we plug into the power source, to the cabling, the  connectors, the entire equipment standards match with the best available in the industry.

Go through our equipments list & you will realize that each & every area of our inventory is thought of with a lot of care & you’re dealing with a professionally managed organization  using the latest in stage lighting  technology.

Our event list will show that no matter  what the occasion a rock concert, a fashion show, awards function, a corporate promotion or even a conference, why we are called upon to handle the best in any in Gujarat.

Entertaining Excellence...
Our clients know they can expect top-quality equipments and outstanding production values from Ananta Stagecraft. Whether you come to us for big-picture creative input, or one specialist element, you’ll be in the company of experts. We love what we do, and that’s what makes the difference.
Our Team

Today, if we are considered to be one of the most successful lighting rental companies in Gujarat, the entire credit goes to our teamwork & spirit of hard work that the entire team brings  with them. We are what we are, because of the people behind the company. Because of their dedication and commitment to the job…At Ananta.

We didn’t say it’s the clients event,
We say it’s OUR Event!